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Car Lease Servicing In Hull

When your decide to lease a car, there are a lot of manufacture literature that creates an impression that you must choose to use a main dealer to service a company or lease car. However this is not true.

Due to current EU legislation, as long as we at BNTec use a genuine approved manufacturer parts and oils during the car lease servicing in Hull then you as a customer are not breaking any terms of your contract meaning that the warranty on your lease car in Hull is guaranteed. We at BNTec will also reset your dash service lights and stamp your service book.

We offer a dealership level of car lease servicing in Hull, meaning that you get the highest quality of car lease servicing in Hull without the dealership price.

We make sure to undertake a thorough check of your vehicle and maintain its life and performance. For more information regarding our car lease servicing in Hull then please do not hesitate to contact us and someone from the BNTec team will be more than happy to speak with you! 

Car Lease Servicing in Hull

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