Car diagnostics

Here at BNTec, we offer the most current and sophisticated electronic diagnostic equipment, coupled with decades of experience working with BMW, Mini, and all German manufacturers. Our expert technicians are trained in the latest technologies, including Level 4 electric vehicle accreditation, certified by the Institute of Motor Industry.

We are a BMW-recognized independent specialist, with access to ISTA and Kasio, meaning all service records are updated, and maintenance schedules are followed as recommended by BMW. Software updates, coding, and complete vehicle assessments can be completed with the utmost quality and professionalism, using our industry-leading specialist tooling and equipment.

We have the support and reliability of the best available equipment for Volkswagen Audi Group and Mercedes.

"The wealth of experience across our team gives us a huge advantage over our competitors in providing efficient and accurate diagnostic assessments, giving our customers complete confidence in the reliability of their cars."

- Lee Davey, Company Director