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Company Car MOTs in Hull

Did you know that we at BNTec offer company car MOTs in Hull? We are able to deliver a high quality MOT on your companies fleet of cars and have them back to you in no time. Also, if some of the cars fail, we are able to provide you with a quote and a clear course of action of what we can do to resolve the situation. We then offer your a free re-test and with the work being complete, it will pass.

A company car MOT in Hull needs to be undertaken once every year if the vehicle is older than 3 years. If the vehicle is brand new, then for 3 years you don’t need to have an MOT. If the company car in Hull is older than 3 years then an MOT every year is a must in order for it to be driven legally on UK roads.

Save your company money and have your company car MOTs in Hull here at BNTec. Call us and someone from the team can help! 

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