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Get Your Car Summer Ready With Aircon Servicing

Summer is fast approaching, meaning your more than likely to have your air conditioning on unless you want your car to feel like a sauna.

Over time, the air conditioning of your car can start to deteriorate, which can cause bacteria to harbour and grow inside the evaporator ducts, thus causing a bad smell and in some cases an allergic reaction. This is the last thing you want went trying to enjoy your Summer.

Thankfully, we offer an Air Conditioning Servicing at BNTec Hull.  We recommend that you have your air conditioning serviced every 2 years in order to keep it performing to it’s full potential. Having your car air conditioning serviced means less risk of allergic reaction and improves passenger comfort.

To have your air conditioning serviced just before Summer hits us all, contact us and someone from the BNTec team can help you.

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