Advanced diagnostic testing

As luxury car manufacturers create ever more complex vehicles in which electrical systems all communicate with each other, the process of fault finding without the support of...

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Air conditioning service

Modern Air Conditioning systems are very reliable, especially if used all year round and regularly serviced. They can provide both hot & cold conditioned air which also removes...

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Service, MOT & Repair Work

Regular routine maintenance is an essential part of keeping your vehicle both safe and reliable, but why pay more than you need by taking your car to a franchised dealer.

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About Us

BNTEC was founded in 2006 by Paul, Lee and Kev and soon realised that they shared a common feeling that owners of prestige cars were becoming increasingly disillusioned with the high prices and impersonal service that have become synonymous with many main dealers. But they were also very aware that in order for customers to entrust BNTEC with their prestige cars they would need to know their vehicles were in capable hands, with this in mind in October 2009 BNTEC became part of the Bosch car service network (Bosch is one of the worlds largest motor vehicle component manufactures with products ranging from ABS braking and Engine Management systems to wiper blades). Read More…

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