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Wheel Alignment In Hull

Here at BNTec we are able to help you with wheel alignment in Hull and surrounding areas for Mini, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Seat and Skoda vehicles. If you are unsure as to what wheel alignment is (sometimes referred to as tracking) – wheel alignment is when your wheels are positioned properly and not pointing the wrong way ever so slightly. When your vehicles wheels are out of alignment, your wheels won’t be pointing in the right direction slightly pulling against a true straight line which then affects your suspension, tyre tread, steering and most importantly – safety.

This is why we offer this service for owners of popular German cars such as Mini, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Seat and Skoda wheel alignment in Hull. Wheel alignment is a simple process for us at BNTec to undertake thanks to the state of the art technology and equipment we have invested in. You may not know this but potholes, curbing your car and general wear and tear all contributes to improper wheel alignment, so once you recognise the early signs of needing your wheels to be re-alignment, (usually uneven wear on your tyres, but can be tyre pressure too)  bring your vehicle in to our garage on Hedon road for a full wheel alignment service.

Contact us for more information or pop by and book your vehicle in.


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