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Tips For Driving In Snow

Now that December is almost upon us, the weather is going to start getting colder and we may start to see ice and snow on the roads. To make sure you are safe whilst on the road, check out our top tips for driving in snow.

  • Make sure to decelerate and accelerate moderately slowly. Adding gas slowly is the best method for regaining traction on the road and avoid the possibility of a skid.
  • Try you best to drive slowly when driving in snow and icy conditions. Give yourself enough time to maneuver by driving as slow as possible.
  • Keep in mind that your time gap distance is now up to ten times more than driving on a dry road.
  • Know your brakes and know them well. If you have anti-lock brakes (ABS) and have to slow down quickly, make sure to add much pressure to the pedal. It is normal for the pedal to slightly vibrate when ABS is in use.
  • When driving in snow and icy conditions, try not stop if possible.

Make sure to stay safe at all times whilst driving in snow and icy conditions. If you are ever unsure, stay home!


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