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What do BNTEC German Auto Care Hull Do?

What is is that BNTEC do? Well, we are one of Hull’s (City of Culture 2017) leading BMW, Mini & other German auto manufactures garage. We care for BMW’s, Mini’s. Seats, Skoda’s, Audi’s, Mercedes and many more brands of cars.

Here at BNTEC in Hull, we deliver MOT’s, wheel alignment, aircon servicing, vehicle inspection, technology repairs, performance tuning and much more. We make sure that your car is healthy and safe to be on the road, and if it isn’t – we can repair it, sourcing parts from your car manufacturer.

At our Hull depot, we also have a comfortable waiting area fit with magazines, comfortable seating and drinks machine. We want you to be comfortable and happy at all times.

Want to know more? Watch our video below!

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